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In this rapidly evolving situation, policymakers need quick access to researchers who can provide expert insights on the COVID-19 pandemic, including the immediate and long-term impacts on individuals, families, households and society. If you have expertise relating to COVID-19 or its impact, please sign up to the UK Government and UK Parliament expert databases.

UK Government COVID-19 Outbreak Expert Database

The COVID-19 Outbreak Expert Database has been created by the Cabinet Office Open Innovation Team, for shared use across central government departments and other relevant public bodies. The Open Innovation Team usually work with academics to generate analysis and ideas for policymakers, but in this rapidly evolving emergency, they’re helping connect policymakers with researchers who can provide expert insights relating to both Coronavirus and the wider situation.

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UK Parliament COVID-19 Outbreak Expert Database

To speed up the process of Parliament accessing relevant research expertise, the UK Parliament Knowledge Exchange Unit are inviting those with expertise relating to the COVID-19 outbreak or its impacts (for example, on welfare, employment, education and other key areas) to sign up to their COVID-19 Outbreak Expert Database.

Sign up to the UK Parliament COVID-19 Outreach Expert Database