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Domestic activities were measured across ages 16y to 60-64y with data collected in the BCS70, NCDS, and NSHD studies (see the table below). A range of activities were included in the questions across this domain such as housework, shopping, cleaning, and building work. However, gardening and do-it-yourself (DIY) was the activity which appeared most frequently.

While there was limited overlap across studies at similar ages, NSHD 43y and NCDS 44y ask questions regarding domestic activities (NSHD: (1) “Do you regularly do any heavy gardening apart from paid work?” (2) “Do you regularly do any heavy building or DIY apart from paid work?”; NCDS: “How often on average, did you do this last year?”). Both measures identify to gardening or building/DIY activities, and include similar responses categories capturing duration (minutes; hours) and frequency (monthly/weekly).

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