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CLOSER successfully gave three presentations at the 8th Annual European DDI Conference (EDDI), including an introduction to CLOSER Discovery.

The EDDI conference took place in Cologne, Germany between 6 and 7 December 2016, with a number of pre-conference tutorials on 5th December.

About the conference

EDDI is focused on developing a standard for documenting metadata in a consistent and reusable format. This year’s conference discussed the current usage and implementation of DDI. Presentations covered a wide range of topics including; early and mature implementations, the interplay of DDI with other standards and technologies and critiques of DDI.

Lessons learnt from the development of a DDI-based discovery platform
CLOSER’s technical lead, Jon Johnson, presented CLOSER Discovery to EDDI for the first time. In addition to giving a basic introduction to the project, he also discussed a number of the advanced features that CLOSER Discovery has made available.

Lessons from a large-scale metadata archiving team using DDI-lifecycle
CLOSER’s Metadata Officer, Hayley Mills presented the lessons CLOSER has learnt about managing large-scale metadata ingest. Hayley offered a number of ‘top tips’ acquired from her own experiences, which cover expected cost and time commitments, advised styles of verification and validation, and the type of personalities working with metadata requires.

Archivist and Mapper: Simplifying and modernising questionnaire entry
CLOSER’s Technical Manager, Will Poynter introduced Archivist and Mapper– two bespoke tools, created by CLOSER, which support the large-scale management of metadata. Both tools are open-source and are available to view. Will also demonstrated Archivist to interested delegates during the poster session.

In addition, CLOSER presented a poster on principles to effective metadata entry, which have been recently updated.

Overall it was a successful conference for DDI and CLOSER. More information and the full conference programme can be found on the EDDI 2016 conference website.