Born talking Webinar: Using birth cohort data about speech, language and communication to inform policy and practice ShareThis

Birth cohorts are longitudinal studies that typically include data about many thousands of people. They involve data collection around the time of the participants’ birth and at regular intervals through the lifespan. Data from birth cohorts have been used to inform policy and practice in many areas of health and education, but have been relatively under-used to research speech, language and communication (SLC).

Findings from the birth cohorts could have an important impact on policy and practice in SLC, for example, demonstrating the need for SLC-related services and identifying factors associated with risk and resilience around SLC disability. A series of ESRC-funded events in 2015-16 will explore the potential of these datasets in the area of SLC.

In this webinar, we seek to engage stakeholders with an interest in (SLC) – including researchers, practitioners, policy-makers and third sector organisations. Speakers will be Jan McAllister, University of East Anglia, James Law, Newcastle University and Wendy Lee, The Communication Trust. The webinar is facilitated by the UK Data Service, through which the birth cohort data are available.

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