CLOSER Seminars: Patterns of alcohol consumption across the life course – Yvonne Kelly and Annie Britton ShareThis


This seminar combined presentations of findings from two research projects focussing on drinking alcohol. The first project looked at drinking in adolescence, and the second considered the health implications of drinking across the life course.

About the CLOSER Seminars

The aim of this series is to highlight methodological innovations and expertise and in turn facilitate and encourage future collaborations and new research.


Yvonne Kelly (Professor of Lifecourse Epidemiology at UCL) has published extensively over the past 20 years in the area of child and adolescent health and development. She is Director of the ESRC funded International Centre for Lifecourse Studies in Society and Health (ICLS), and is Director of the ESRC-BBSRC Soc-B Centre for Doctoral Training in biosocial research. Professor Kelly leads a large programme of research on children and young people’s health and development.

Annie Britton is a professor of epidemiology at University College London in the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health. She has researched the health effects of alcohol consumption for over twenty years, mainly using data from large cohort studies.


The first presentation, delivered by Professor Yvonne Kelly, described drinking patterns among young people during their early adolescence using data from the Millennium Cohort Study. The contribution of family, peer and the broader social context was also considered.

The second presentation, given by Annie Britton looked at patterns of drinking over the whole life span. It described the associations between different trajectories of alcohol consumption, and several health outcomes and biomarkers were explored. The project used data from multiple large cohort studies with repeated measures of alcohol drinking.


Heavy drinking in early adolescence: findings from the Millennium Cohort Study – Yvonne Kelly

Drinking over the life course and health effects – Annie Britton