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This seminar focused on CLOSER projects exploring the mental health measures available in the British birth cohorts. It featured talks from Bridget Bryan (King's College London) and Prof George B. Ploubidis (UCL Centre for Longitudinal Studies). Presentation slides from the seminar are available below.

About the CLOSER Seminars

The aim of the seminar series to highlight methodological innovations and expertise, and in turn, facilitate and encourage future collaborations and new research.


Bridget Bryan is a Research Assistant at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience at King’s College London with an interest in interdisciplinary mental health research.  She is currently working with Professor Louise Arseneault to review mental health measures used in British longitudinal studies in order to promote the effective use of mental health measures by researchers from a range of disciplines and to identify best practices in assessment and examples of effective harmonisation strategies.

George B. Ploubidis is Professor of Population Health and Statistics at the Department of Social Science and currently holds the posts of Director of Research and Chief Statistician at the Centre for Longitudinal Studies. Prior to joining UCL he held posts at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and the University of Cambridge.


Maximising the take up of mental health measures from British longitudinal studies

The UK boasts rich and world-renowned cohorts and longitudinal studies which feature large sample sizes, wide breadths of measures and exceptionally long follow-up times, offering unique opportunities to answer a wide range of research questions about mental health and wellbeing. In this presentation, Bridget will discuss a review of the mental health measures collected in over fifty British longitudinal studies as part of a project that aims to maximise the take up of these measures. Patterns and gaps in the measurement of mental health and wellbeing in British cohorts will be discussed, as will plans for a web platform cataloguing the measures that will promote their effective use to researchers from a range of disciplines.

Download the slides from Bridget’s presentation.

Harmonising mental health measurements from the British birth cohorts

In this presentation, George will discuss his research project which aims to harmonise the existing mental health measures over the life course from five British birth cohort studies. This process involves investigating their measurement properties, and harmonising the measures in order to facilitate cross-study research. George will go on to discuss research using the harmonised data to compare, across different generations, the development of psychological distress over the life course.

Download the slides from George’s presentation.

For a more in-depth look at this George’s research, view/download the series of slides presented at CLOSER’s workshop (held in May 2019) on the project.


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