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CLOSER presented at the 2021 Comparative Survey Design and Implementation (CSDI) workshop.

About the workshop

This year’s CSDI workshop entailed a mix of pre-recorded talks and live online panel sessions. The following live panel sessions took place:

  • On the Feasibility of Web Interviews for Cross-national Social Science Surveys: Evidence from the Generations and Gender Programme Push-to-web Experiment
  • The European Social Survey during COVID

CLOSER’s presence at the workshop

As part of the session focused on what the Data Documentation Initiative (DDI) can do for comparative surveys, CLOSER’s Metadata Manager, Dr Hayley Mills contributed talks on study and variable description with DDI.

Abstracts for each of the three talks featured in this session are below:

Introduction to the DDI
Hayley Mills (CLOSER), Hilde Orten (Norwegian Centre for Research Data), Anja Perry (Leibniz-Institute for the Social Sciences)
This presentation provided an introduction to the metadata standard DDI with focus on the work products of the DDI Alliance. It included an overview of the background of DDI, who is using the standard, and for what purpose.

Study and variable description with DDI
Hayley Mills (CLOSER)
The DDI standard allows the documentation of metadata from the high level of a study or project, to the lower level of an individual variable. This presentation; i) described how DDI represents these, ii) gave the advantages of documenting metadata in this way, including for discovery and harmonisation; and iii) provided examples of where this has been achieved

Questions and Instruments
Hilde Orten (Norwegian Centre for Research Data)
The DDI contains detailed structures for describing individual survey questions as well as questionnaires. This presentation; i) described structures for documenting questions and instruments in DDI, ii) explored advantages for comparative surveys; and iii) provided examples of practical implementations based on DDI.