Comparing Data Across and Within Longitudinal Studies: Challenges, Opportunities and Resources ShareThis


This is a CLOSER symposium at the Research Methods Festival 2016.

At the Research Methods Festival 2016, CLOSER will have an exhibition stand and live demonstrations of CLOSER Discovery, an online resource that enables researchers to search the contents of eight leading UK longitudinal studies.

This session focuses upon the value of comparing data from different longitudinal studies, or different waves of the same study, and the challenges involved.

Presentations 1&2 describe CLOSER-funded projects that have compared data from a number of different UK cohort studies via retrospective harmonisation of key measures. Key learning from these projects will be described.

Presentations 3&4 describe two new CLOSER resources aimed at helping researchers who are interested in cross-study or cross-wave comparisons. Presentation 4 will also be relevant to anyone with an interest in the content of different longitudinal studies.

The level of the session is: Accessible

Presentation details

Presentation 1
Start time: 15:55
Presentation title: Harmonising measures of body size
Presenter: Professor Rebecca Hardy (UCL MRC Unit for Lifelong Health and Ageing )
Presentation 2
Start time: 16:15
Presentation title: Harmonising measures of socio-economic status
Presenter: Dr Claire Crawford (University of Warwick and Institute of Fiscal Studies)
Presentation 3
Start time: 16:35
Presentation title: A schools database and linkage to longitudinal data
Presenter: Dr Bilal Nasim (UCL Institute of Education )
Presentation 4
Start time: 16:55
Presentation title: Using CLOSER Discovery to find content across different longitudinal studies
Presenter: Ms Gemma Seabrook (UCL Institute of Education)