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Thank you very much to everyone who attended the CLOSER conference, and helped make the event such a success. We received very good feedback across the board and look forward to some positive results being produced as a result.

About the conference

The UK’s longitudinal studies are leading sources of evidence on how our early circumstances and experiences affect our paths through life and our outcomes in adulthood.  CLOSER is bringing together researchers from across disciplines to showcase outstanding longitudinal research in the importance of early years, childhood and adolescence. The conference was an opportunity to share ideas and innovations with longitudinal researchers from across disciplines and sectors, both from the UK and abroad. It also showcased the latest resources for research, including a new cutting-edge metadata search platform.

This inter-disciplinary conference showcased outstanding longitudinal research on how early life influences our health, education, employment and other outcomes. Delegates had an opportunity to:

  • hear from leading experts from across the social and biomedical sciences
  • consider the potential for cross-study comparisons in your own research
  • network with colleagues from across disciplines, sectors and locations
  • hear about the latest resources for research.

Please review the full CLOSER Conference Programme (pdf).

Keynote speaker

Professor Linda Adair, Nutrition Epidemiology Division, University of North Carolina

Breakout sessions focused on:

  • Health
  • Inequality
  • Education
  • Socioemotional Skills
  • Mental Health & Wellbeing
  • Labour Market Outcomes
  • Families & Parenting

Conference presentations


Please see examples of the conference posters on longitudinal research in the areas of health, inequality, education, socioemotional skills, mental health & wellbeing, labour market outcomes, and families & parenting.

Public lecture

Following the conference, Professor Ian Deary gave a public lecture on the Secrets of Staying Sharp in Older Age. Conference registration includes attendance at the public lecture and drinks reception.


Please note that speakers and delegates needed to register for the conference and were responsible for their own registration fee (£50.00), travel and any other expenses incurred. A limited number of discounted student places will be available.

Registration fees are subsidised by CLOSER.

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