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Professor Meena Kumari (ISER, University of Essex) led a session on biomarkers and social surveys at this event exploring new sources of data in social science research.

This free event provided an opportunity to catch up with new sources of data for social science research. The data sources are:

• Administrative data
• Biomarker data
• Urban big data

Delegates were given an overview of each of these sources of data before examining how they can be used to extend your options for exploring social science research questions.

Professor Meena Kumari (Institute for Social and Economic Research, University of Essex) led the session on biomarker data and its use in social surveys.

This event was hosted by the Urban Big Data Centre and SASNet and was organised collaboratively by the Administrative Data Research Network, BLG, CALLS-Hub, Centre for Longitudinal Studies, CDRC, CLOSERNCRM, UBDC, UK Data Service and Understanding Society.