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EDDI21, the 13th Annual European DDI User Conference will take place virtually from 30 November - 1 December 2021.

About EDDI

EDDI is the annual conference for users of DDI – Data Documentation Initiative -, a metadata specification for the social, economic, and behavioral sciences. It is run by GESIS and the IDSC of IZA under the auspices of the DDI Alliance.

EDDI is designed to provide forum where DDI users from Europe and the world can gather to showcase their work and their progress toward DDI adoption, as well as discuss any questions or challenges they may have about the standard.

EDDI includes presentations, poster sessions, and discussion sessions. The conference closes with a “meet the experts” session in which users will have a chance to lobby for their point of view with representatives from the Technical Committee of the DDI Alliance. The philosophy of EDDI is to be an open, inclusive DDI community-building activity. The conference including related meetings usually spans a week in early December in a different European country each year.

About the conference

  • Provisional Program is available at – all times CET
  • Links to participate in the virtual conference will be sent to registered participants on Monday 29.11.2021.
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  • Registration to the conference (30.11 + 1.12) is free of charge and open until December 1.

Updates will be posted here and through the DDI Users list (sign up and on Twitter @DDIAlliance.

EDDI21 is organized jointly by CDSP, Center for Socio-Political Data, GESIS, Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences, and IDSC of IZA, International Data Service Center of the Institute for the Study of Labor. The DDI Alliance kindly supports EDDI 2021.

CLOSER’s presence at EDDI21

Monday 29 November 2021, 15:30 CET
As part of the DDI training fair ‘DDI Lifecycle Tutorial’, Dr Hayley Mills will provide training on DDI-Lifecycle and questionnaires.

DDI Lifecycle addresses the needs of metadata management not only for archives and data disseminators, but also throughout the data lifecycle, from data collection and survey design through the end stages. It is also a useful tool for understanding how related data sets fit together, whether as a longitudinal or repeat cross-sectional effort, or through ad-hoc comparison and harmonization. A range of topics will cover a broad description of the specification, as well as providing focus on specific aspects of the standard for metadata and data management. Other presenters include Wendy Thomas, Kaia Kulla, and Benjamin Beuster.

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Monday 29 November 2021, 18:00 CET
As part of the DDI tools session, Dr Hayley Mills will demonstrate the questionnaire editor tool, Archivist.

This session will provide an overview of many of the tools and service providers available to those who are interested in actively implementing DDI. Each presenter will cover the tools and/or services which they provide is a short format, which will include product demos. The intention is to help users understand what tools and services exist, and who they should talk to in order to learn more.

Presentations/presenters include:

  • Colectica (Dan Smith, Jeremy Ivreson)
  • Metadata Technology North America (Pascal Heus, Andrew DeCarlo)
  • Kuha 2 (Toni Sissala, Fuinnish Data Archive)
  • DDI with R (Adrian Dusa)
  • CLOSER Archivist (Hayley Mills)
  • Dataverse (Alina Danciu, Science Po)

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Tuesday 30 November 2021, 10:00-10:30 CET
As part of the ‘Enhancing metadata 1’ session, Suparna De will present ‘Engineering a Machine Learning Pipeline for Automating Metadata Extraction from Longitudinal Survey Questionnaires‘.