Genetic Data in Understanding Society ShareThis


This event is hosted by Understanding Society.

This course will introduce genetic terms relevant to social science, the genetic data available in Understanding Society and procedures to access these data, the structure of these data and provide worked examples of genetic analyses.

In Wave 2 for the general population sample and wave 3 for the BHPS sample Understanding Society included a nurse visit. DNA was extracted from a blood sample that was collected from participants and genetic data from these samples have been deposited in the European-phenome archive.

This half day workshop will consist of an introductory presentation on basic genetics, followed by an overview of the genetic data in Understanding Society. This will be followed by an example of genetic analysis that participants will work on in the computer lab. The focus of the course is on understanding how the genetic data might be useful to social science analyses, introduction to the format of genetic data and how to prepare them for analyses, rather than on analysis methods.

Course Objectives

After this course, participants will:

  • Gain a basic familiarity with genetics, understand the genetic data that are available in Understanding Society.
  • Learn how to apply for and gain access these data, discuss potential research questions that may be investigated with the genetic data.
  • Gain an understanding of the potential issues that are encountered in genetic analyses of outcomes of interest to social scientists
  • Learn the format and structure of the genetic data available in Understanding Society

The workshop will last three hours and be a mix of lectures, group discussion and a practical session. You will be provided with a copy of the Understanding Society genetic data access form and a glossary of genetic terms.