UCL Doctoral Skills Development Programme: Introduction to the UK’s longitudinal resources

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This course is for UCL doctoral students only.

Course Description

The UK is home to the world’s largest and longest-running longitudinal studies. Following the lives of generations of Britons, these rich resources have been used for decades to answer some of the most pressing questions facing our society. Inequality, social mobility, parenting, children’s outcomes, health, education, employment, ageing – the possible areas for investigation are endless.

These resources are increasing in value year on year – new survey data is collected from participants, and older data is repaired using new methods. But some of the most exciting developments are in resources for cross-study comparisons. Studies in the CLOSER consortium are leading efforts to harmonise data across studies, link survey responses to administrative records, and – crucially – enhance the discoverability of meta data through a new search platform.

This workshop will introduce delegates to a range of longitudinal resources and highlight opportunities for life course and intergenerational research. Participants will learn what the datasets cover, how they’ve been used, and what research resources are available – with plenty of time for questions.

Researcher Development Framework Categories

C2) Research management
C3) Finance, funding and resources

Course Recommended for

This course is particularly relevant to the following groups:

  • 1st Year Research Students
  • 2nd Year Research Students
  • 3rd Year Research Students

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