Introduction to using UKHLS Innovation Panel with Stata ShareThis


This event is hosted by Understanding Society.

Taught by: Annette Jäckle and Tarek Al Baghal


Participation in one of our Introduction to Understanding Society using Stata courses

Course outline:

This workshop will consist of an introductory presentation about the Innovation Panel, followed by a series of examples that participants will work on in the computer lab. The focus of the course is on understanding which data are available and how to prepare them for analyses, rather than on analysis methods.

Course Objectives:

After this course, participants will

1. Be familiar with the purpose of the Innovation Panel, and know which aspects of the data are the same, and which are different from the main Understanding Society data

2. Be familiar with the documentation and know where to find out about experiments and other studies carried in the Innovation Panel.

3. Know where to find variables defining experimental treatments, how they work and how to use them

4. Understand how to use questions that were used for wording experiments and how to use multimode data.

5. Have an understanding of potential issues in analysing data from the Innovation Panel.