Learning from longitudinal studies in the UK and Low and Middle income countries

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CLOSER will be an exhibitor at this evening lecture exploring longitudinal studies in the UK and Low and Middle income countries.

About the event

The UK has a long history of conducting longitudinal cohort studies which have given insights into social change and how health, wealth, education, family and employment combine to influence outcomes and achievements. A growing number of longitudinal cohorts are being conducted in low and middle income countries. These cohorts have the potential to give insights into the lives of individuals all around the world producing evidence which can be converted into global policy. The speakers will be sharing their experiences of the impact and potential of longitudinal cohort data in various settings, and discuss some of their efforts to maximise their reach. The lecture will be followed by a networking reception funded by the ESRC in the lower ground floor cafe. This event is co-hosted by the LSHTM centre for maternal, adolescent, reproductive and child health (MARCH).

This event will be recorded and live-streamed – https://panopto.lshtm.ac.uk/Panopto/Pages/Viewer.aspx?id=22bec7a8-fa01-4f81-bc82-aa0d010edcb7

Attendance is free and open to all, whether fellows of the RSS or not, but pre-registration is required.


Jo Boydon – Oxford University, Director of Young Lives
Jim Todd – LSHTM, ALPHA network
Alissa Goodman – UCL, Director of Centre for Longitudinal Studies [or Emla Fitzsimons on Millennium Cohort Study]
Francisco Oteiza – CLOSER