POSTPONED – Longitudinal Area Network & Data-link (LAND): Creating a central resource for longitudinal area data ShareThis


We are sorry to announce that following advice from UCL Institute of Education, we have made the decision to postpone this workshop due to the ongoing situation surrounding the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). We apologise for any inconvenience caused and are currently working to reschedule this workshop for late 2020.

About the workshop

As many researchers interested in geographical analysis may already be aware, there is currently no central resource identifying or describing the already available (or available through data linkage) geographical data in the UK’s major longitudinal studies.

The purpose of this one-day workshop is to bring together leading researchers who possess detailed knowledge of the geographical data currently available in UK longitudinal studies in order to discuss and contribute towards the creation of a central resource for area data.

Benefits to workshop delegates

The primary benefit to attendees of the workshop will be the opportunity to shape the development of a central metadata/inventory of longitudinal area data. This will allow participants to ensure that data which are relevant to their own and the wider communities research are included and documented in full. Secondary benefits include:

  • Greater awareness of longitudinal area data linkages currently available to UK studies.
  • Opportunities for authorship on ‘data profile’ style manuscripts to be submitted for publication.
  • Opportunity to join a network of researchers with similar interests.
  • Opportunities for collaboration arising from the workshop/network.

Outline of the day

The workshop will be split into two sessions. The morning session delegates will have the opportunity to hear from a number of speakers sharing exemplar projects that have linked area level data to any of the CLOSER studies. The afternoon session will be spent in group discussions designed to prioritise characteristics of future area linkages which will increase efficiency in geographical research (e.g variables, harmonisation, data access, metadata, and capacity building).

Please note the timings below are still being finalised and may be subject to change.

09:30     Registration and refreshments

10:00     Welcome and introductions
Emily Murray (UCL) and Tim Morris (University of Bristol)

10:30     Session 1: Presentations on linked area level data

This session will consist of five 20-minute presentations

12:30     Lunch and poster session

13:30     Session 2: Group discussions

This sessions will consist of two separate 40-minute group discussions

15:00     Feedback and wrapping up the workshop

16:00     Workshop ends.

Registering and applying to attend

Please note this is a invite-only event with limited capacity. If you are interested in attending, please complete an Expression of Interest form. As part of this form, you will be asked if you would be prepared to give a presentation, either oral or poster format, outlining any linkages you’ve used or created.  You also be asked to which studies you’ve been able to link to. These presentations will be used to inform discussions during the afternoon session about data availability and linkage opportunities.

Submit your Expression of Interest form.

Future work plan

The discussions from this workshop will feed into to a second workshop with CLOSER and UK longitudinal studies to create a central resource that will help to improve the visibility of these data in UK longitudinal studies and facilitate their wider use among research teams. The longer-term aim is to build a network of individuals interested in neighbourhood and geographical research. There is likely considerable crossover in the knowledge of the geographical data available in UK longitudinal studies and the substantive interests of researchers from different institutions. The creation of a UK wide group would therefore offer potential collaborative research opportunities.

The first major outputs of the network will be the creation of the central data resource listed above and publication of a data profile to describe these data. We will invite all participants at the workshop to contribute towards the central data resource and data profile.


If you require any further information about this workshop, please contact our Communications and Events Officer, Jennie Blows (