Longitudinal Methodology Series IV

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The fourth seminar in the CLOSER Longitudinal Methodology Series features a talk from David Blane, Emeritus Professor at Imperial College London.

About the CLOSER Longitudinal Methodology Series

The aim of the series is to highlight methodological innovations and expertise and in turn facilitate and encourage future collaborations and new research.


Professor David Blane

The presentation will describe the origins and development of the lifegrid method of collecting retrospective data: starting from unstructured, in-depth interviews with elderly patients in general practice; through validation studies in the Boyd Orr cohort and Mass Observation archive; to substantive field work with a sub-sample of the Boyd Orr study; to a CAPI version developed by Kate Smith and Carli Lessof, with advice from Bob Belli, at National Centre for Social Research; to use of the CAPI version by ELSA, SHARE and KLOSA.