Longitudinal Methodology Series VI

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The sixth seminar in the CLOSER Longitudinal Methodology Series features talks from Lorraine Dearden, Director of the Education Sector at the IFS and Professor of Economics and Social Statistics at the UCL Institute of Education, and Dr Gundi Knies, Research Fellow at the Institute for Social and Economic Research (ISER).

About the CLOSER Longitudinal Methodology Series

The aim of the series is to highlight methodological innovations and expertise and in turn facilitate and encourage future collaborations and new research.


Dr Gundi Knies

The role of interviewers in gaining consent to record linkage: Evidence from the UK longitudinal studies

Linkage of survey and administrative data offers a wealth of new data for exciting new research but gaining survey respondents’ informed consent to their individual-level data being linked is challenging. Willingness to give consent is far from universal, and some studies suggest that it matters who is asking for consent (Armstrong et al., 2008, Baker et al., 2000, Sala et al., 2012), and how the request is phrased (see, e.g., Sakshaug and Kreuter, 2014). This talk will provide an overview of the research into interviewer effects on respondent consent to data linkage. I will draw on latest findings from audio-recordings of interviews and a survey of interviewers on the Understanding Society study and provide new insights into which interviewer behaviours help or hinder the data collection process.

Professor Lorraine Dearden

Longitudinal Administrative Data and Survey Data linkage: some problems and solutions