Longitudinal Methodology Series VII – Dr Nicola Shelton

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The seventh seminar in the CLOSER Longitudinal Methodology Series features a talk from Dr Nicola Shelton, Director of CeLSIUS, Head of Health and Social Surveys Research Group and Reader in Population Health.

About the CLOSER Longitudinal Methodology Series

The aim of the series is to highlight methodological innovations and expertise and in turn facilitate and encourage future collaborations and new research.



Dr Nicola Shelton

Nicola’s talk will cover an introduction to using the ONS Longitudinal Study (LS) supported by CeLSIUS and results from two ongoing projects, RenEWL: REsearch Network into Extended Working Lives and NEETS in the LS. Her talk will investigate:

  • What’s in the LS
  • Data linkage
  • Sample attrition
  • How to access the data
  • Research Network into Extended Working Lives
  • NEETS in the LS


Event resources

Introducing CeLSIUS and the ONS LS with ReNEWL and NEETS example studies – Dr Nicola Shelton