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The second webinar in our Metadata management in the real world series featured presentations from Metadata Technology North America and the UK Data Service. Presentation slides are available below.

About the webinar

The second webinar in our series, Metadata management in the real world showcased new developments at Metadata Technology North America (MTNA) and the UK Data Service. Both organisations are tackling some of the practical problems that face every researcher and data analyst.

Both organisations have a similar approach which leverages underlying metadata to drive ‘services’ to discover, explore, visualise and sub-set data with the minimum of  data wrangling.


Rich Data Services: Pascal Heus & Carson Hunter (Metadata Technology)
The presentation will focus on Rich Data Services (RDS), an innovative platform from Metadata Technology North America aiming to the delivery of data as a service. Features includes an industry standard REST based API, concurrent access to data and metadata, web-based applications for exploring, tabulating, or downloading the data, and much more. RDS aims to empowering information systems, reducing data wrangling, and overall modernising data publication and access. It broadly serves data producers, data scientists, traditional researchers, application developers, and casual users.

Download Pascal’s presentation slides (PDF)

Smart Energy Research Laboratory – Darren Bell (UK Data Service)
This presentation will focus on the Smart Energy Research Lab (SERL) a five-year consortium project between the UK Data Archive and University College London. The presentation will describe how we have approached storing cross-disciplinary data at scale using a variety of data models including wide column store and property graph on a Hadoop platform.  We will consider some of the challenges in treating data at the data point level and how going forward, this can support a “domain agnostic” and truly interoperable approach to subsetting variable data and generating bespoke data products in real time form sources as diverse as IoT meter data and “traditional” social science surveys.

Download Darren’s presentation slides (PDF)


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