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The 2020 North American Data Documentation Initiative conference will be a virtual conference webinar series from 15-19 June.

The conference theme is making data FAIR using Metadata Standards.

About the conference

The North American Data Documentation Initiative Conference (NADDI) is an opportunity for those using metadata standards and those interested in learning more to come together and learn from each other. Modeled on the successful European DDI Conference, NADDI 2020 will be a virtual webinar conference (June 15-19) with invited and contributed presentations, and should be of interest to both researchers and data professionals in the official statistics, social sciences and other disciplines.

Conferernce theme: Making data FAIR by using Metadata Standards

Registration information

Registration for the virtual webinar conference will open soon.

Visit the conference website for more information on attending this conference.

Data Documentation Initiative (DDI)

The Data Documentation Initiative (DDI) is an open metadata standard for describing data and specifying data collection activities. DDI’s principle goal is making research metadata machine-actionable. The specification can document and manage different stages of data lifecycles, such as conceptualization, collection, processing, analysis, distribution, discovery, repurposing, and archiving.