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CLOSER will present a symposium, demo CLOSER Discovery and staff an exhibition stand at the Society for Longitudinal and Life Course (SLLS) conference 2017.

The SLLS annual conference will take place in Bamberg, Germany, between 5 - 8 October 2016. There will be optional pre-conference workshops on the 5th October.

The overall conference theme will focus on the determinants and consequences of unequal education in the life course. Registration is now open.


CLOSER is hosting a symposium that looks at the harmonisation and comparison of measures of body mass index, physiological and physical function, and wellbeing across different longitudinal studies. The symposium reports on three CLOSER-funded harmonisation and comparative projects involving a number of different UK cohort studies. The first two papers examine the relationship between childhood and adult socioeconomic position (which have themselves also required harmonisation) and body mass index (Paper 1) and adult mental wellbeing (Paper 2). In each case, the paper explores whether and how this relationship varies between cohorts. Paper 3 examines how measures of physiological function and physical performance (examples include blood pressure and lung function) vary according to the measurement equipment used, and establishes whether correction factors can be applied to enable harmonised analysis.


CLOSER will also be demoing its online resource that enables researchers to view and appraise data from eight leading UK longitudinal studies, CLOSER Discovery.


More information about the conference can be found on the SLLS website.