UCL Data Dialogues

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CLOSER Technical Lead, Jon Johnson will speak at this UCL eResearch Domain event looking at research data.

About the event

A common thread running through all research disciplines is the reliance on research data. UKRI is keen to leverage existing interdisciplinary data, by combining economic, health, social science, environmental, behavioural, cohort and administrative data to unlock new insights and opportunities for innovation.

The scale of data being generated and challenge of harnessing data for research is growing rapidly. In the healthcare sector estimates of global patient data of 800 exabytes seem plausible by 2030, with the UK component estimated to be about 7% (60 exabytes).

Join us to share best practice and to network with your UCL colleagues who have expertise in data management, processing, curation, analysis and knowledge generation which is key for research now and in the future!

Topics incude developing data govenance,  metadata, data products and data analysis.


Jon Johnson (Social Science, IOE) – CLOSER is the home of longitudinal research, brings together eight world-leading longitudinal studies with participants born throughout the 20th and 21st centuries. CLOSER maximises the use, value and impact of these, and other, longitudinal studies.

Eoghan McKenna (UCL Energy Institute, Bartlett) – Smart Energy Research Lab which will provide a secure, consistent and trusted channel for researchers to access high-resolution energy data, which will facilitate innovative energy research for years to come

Valerie Kuan (UCL Institute of Health Informatics, Population Health Sciences) – CALIBER is a collaboration driven research platform. It consists of ‘research ready’ variables extracted from linked electronic health records (EHR) from primary care, coded hospital records, social deprivation information and cause-specific mortality data in England.

Jakob Petersen (UCL Geography, Social and Historical Sciences) –  Consumer Data Reserch Centre works with consumer organisations to make their data available for our trusted research partners. We have engaged in a substantial programme of research, using consumer data to provide unique insight in to a wide and diverse range of societal and economic questions, ranging from health & wellbeing through to retail and urban mobility.


Please note – this event is for members of UCL only, please can you register with you UCL email address.