How to access the data ShareThis

Learn how to access the data from each of the CLOSER studies.

CLOSER Discovery

To find out more about the content of the individual studies before accessing the data, you can search and browse questionnaires and variables from the CLOSER studies using CLOSER Discovery.

CLOSER Discovery is a unique search engine that enables you to search by keyword, or browse by topic. A search on CLOSER Discovery will show you:

  • relevant survey questions and variables, which you can filter by study, topic and life stage, and
  • how to access the data from each study.

Read more about CLOSER Discovery.

Accessing study data

Access to data is handled differently for each of the studies. Survey data from ESRC-funded surveys are available to bona fide researchers from the UK Data Service (UKDS).  These are:

Anyone wishing to access the data will need to register with the UK Data Service before downloading. Some datasets are only available via Special Licence, or via the UK Data Service Secure Lab.

The studies funded by the MRC have governance and access arrangements that comply with MRC data sharing policy. Researchers wishing to use data from these surveys need to contact the studies directly. Details of how to access data from each study is on the individual study pages:

Genetics and sample data

Our studies also collect genetic data, which isn’t listed within CLOSER Discovery. However, researchers can visit CLOSER Discovery to view a summary of genetic data available in CLOSER studies, with links to accessing this data.

Researchers wishing to access genetics data from ESRC-funded studies will need to apply to METADAC.

Harmonised datasets

CLOSER has produced a series of harmonised datasets that are available to download from the UK Data Service (UKDS), some with special licence access. These range from topics from height, weight and BMI to socioeconomic status and have harmonised data drawn variously from the CLOSER studies. Visit the CLOSER dataset page on the UKDS.