What makes us more eco?

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A project which studies the UK’s environmental attitudes has used data from Understanding Society.

ISER and the University of Southampton presented the findings from the 18 month ESRC/SDAI funded study of UK environmental behaviours at What Makes Us Act Green? event in London on 25 June, attended by policy makers, third sector, business, industry and local government.

The Department for Energy and Climate Change aims to reduce UK greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 80% by 2050. To achieve this, people living in the UK will have to radically and permanently change their behaviour to use significantly less carbon-intensive products and services and to reduce overall energy demand.

Energy overuse at the national level is both a direct and an indirect result of the millions of decisions made in homes across the UK. Directly through things like household energy and transport choices (how much gas and electricity we use, whether we take the car or travel by public transport) and indirectly through the consumption of goods and services provided by the industrial and service sectors.

Until now, the almost total absence of large scale longitudinal data in this field means that we know very little about the way in which attitudes, behaviours and actions change over time in the context of changes in a household, changes such as retirement, moving house, the birth of a child or the introduction of new ‘green’ technologies.

More information on the research project The distribution and dynamics of UK citizen’s environmental attitudes, behaviours and actions

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