Wellcome longitudinal population studies strategy (July 2017)

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Wellcome has announced they are implementing a new strategy for funding longitudinal population studies (LPS). This includes cohorts, panel surveys and biobanks.

The strategy aims to fund LPS that contribute to improving human health, encourage the integration of LPS data from a variety of sources (such as clinical and social care records), and work in partnership with other funders when appropriate.

Mary De Silva, Head of Population Health at Wellcome, says: “Longitudinal population studies are a vital resource for researchers. They gather data over a long period of time and often develop in unanticipated ways, providing value that can’t always be predicted.”

“We’ve been funding ground-breaking longitudinal population studies for years. Our new strategy will help us fund in a more coherent way and support resources which integrate data from different sources to answer new research questions.”

Read Wellcome’s new strategy here: https://wellcome.ac.uk/sites/default/files/longitudinal-population-studies-strategy_0.pdf