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Full project title: Maximising the take-up of mental health measures from UK cohorts and longitudinal studies

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About the research

This project aims to improve the awareness and understanding of mental health and wellbeing by organising, generating and sharing information about current mental health and wellbeing measures. This project will be the first to comprehensively document measures of mental health and wellbeing within the UK’s longitudinal studies.

The team will carry out a mapping exercise to identify and document existing measures of mental health and wellbeing within the studies, and then share this information publicly through an online platform. It also plans to promote and maximise the use of the studies’ mental health measures to researchers through workshops and activity sessions, especially researchers and users from disciplines that do not typically use mental health data.

The richness of measures collected by longitudinal studies offers unique opportunities to answer key research questions about mental health and wellbeing.

Professor Alison Park

Professor Louise Arseneault

Research leads

Professor Louise Arseneault (King’s College London; ESRC Mental Health Leadership Fellow) and Professor Alison Park (CLOSER, UCL)

Studies will include

(Plus other UK cohorts and longitudinal studies that will be surveyed)

Research outputs


  • Survey of mental health and wellbeing measures in UK cohorts and longitudinal studies;


  • Engagement activities, including workshops and drop in sessions, to share the richness and value of mental health measures in the studies;

CLOSER Seminar

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