How to search study data ShareThis

Search and browse questionnaires and data from longitudinal studies using the CLOSER Discovery search engine.

You can search by keyword, or browse by topic. Discovery provides users with a range of features to improve their searches and locate the data they are interested in.

 The CLOSER Discovery search engine can show you:

  • relevant survey questions and variables, which you can filter by study, topic and life stage;
  • the original question the variables are based on;
  • where questions appeared in the survey, including complete routing;
  • the sources of derived variables (but not the derivation methodology);
  • an overview of each variable, including valid and invalid cases; maximum, minimum and mean values; and in many cases, a frequency count; and,
  • how to access the data from each study.

You can save information for questions and variables of interest to a List, and download it for your reference.

Genetic data

Our studies also collect genetic data, which isn’t listed within CLOSER Discovery. However, researchers can visit CLOSER Discovery to view a summary of genetic data available in CLOSER studies, with links to accessing this data.

Researchers wishing to access genetics data from ESRC-funded studies will need to apply to METADAC.