Longitudinal studies track the same people throughout their lives, helping us understand how life in the UK is changing. CLOSER is enabling researchers worldwide to get the most out of these valuable studies.




  • CLOSER  @CLOSER_UK  · Aug 18

    RT: £5 million investment for new National Institute for Health Research Obesity Policy Research Unit at UCL @PHE_uk… https://t.co/RqDN3BuyAr

  • CLOSER  @CLOSER_UK  · Aug 18

    RT: @CLOSER_UK Could the secular decline in visual function be explained by the increase in obesity? Harmonised BMI data available to answer

  • CLOSER  @CLOSER_UK  · Aug 18

    RT: Two #GCRF engagement events (one in St Andrews and one in London) in Sep are open to UK research & user communities… https://t.co/LQTN9mISeB

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