Longitudinal studies track the same people throughout their lives, helping us understand how life in the UK is changing. CLOSER is enabling researchers worldwide to get the most out of these valuable studies.




  • CLOSER  @CLOSER_UK  · Mar 23

    Learn more about new tech for measuring non-health topics in #longitudinal studies at our May workshop. Book now! https://t.co/thNgxCirEq

  • CLOSER  @CLOSER_UK  · Mar 22

    Cost of using admin data can limit opportunities for research, explains Ruth Gilbert of @ADRC_E https://t.co/6t5kkZm6pG

  • CLOSER  @CLOSER_UK  · Mar 22

    Administrative data produces a wealth of information for research about public services, explains Ruth Gilbert of @ADRN_UK @UCLPopHealthSci

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