Overview of dietary information in selected CLOSER studies

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Each of the original eight longitudinal studies in CLOSER have some information on dietary intake (as documented in the table below). ALSPAC and SWS are highly focused on diet and include both FFQs and diet diaries. HCS, also focused on diet, collected dietary information primarily using FFQs. NSHD and BCS70 have collected dietary intake using diet diaries. NCDS, MCS and UKHLS have not used a traditional DAT (i.e. FFQ, diary or recall) but do have some diet-related questions.


Summary of dietary information across selected CLOSER studies

[table id=283 /]

* Diet-related questions.
† Subgroup only.
‡ Diet measured at multiple time points from both mothers and children.
§ Diet measured at multiple time points from both mothers, partners and children.
| Some dietary data collected throughout waves; some more detailed than others.


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