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A father, wearing a face mask, hugs his young daughter
Cutting through the noise: mobilising data and generating impact during a global pandemic

As the UK moves into a new phase of its COVID-19 response, Rob Davies explores how CLOSER’s work has ensured that longitudinal data and research will remain at the forefront of the country’s response to the pandemic, now and in the future.

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Older woman talks to her middle aged daughter
Memory Matters in NICOLA

Dr Charlotte Neville, NICOLA Scientific Officer, takes us through the global battle against dementia, NICOLA’s role in supporting this and its growing international impact.

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Grandmother takes selfie with her granddaughter
Introducing ELSA – The English Longitudinal Study of Ageing

As part of a new series where CLOSER introduces new studies which have recently joined us, Kate Coughlin, ELSA Project Manager, introduces the study, their work on COVID-19 and its future aims.

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Have cultural occupations always been socially exclusive? Evidence from the ONS Longitudinal Study

In our latest blog, Dr Orian Brook explores evidence from the ONS Longitudinal Study that shows the long-standing social exclusiveness of cultural occupations.

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50 years of linking our lives

Jo Tomlinson introduces us to The Office for National Statistics Longitudinal Study (ONS LS) – one of 11 new studies that joined CLOSER in September 2020. Learn about the study, what they do and their plans for 2021.

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PART 3: Understanding the pandemic – What has lockdown meant for ‘families beyond households’?

In the final blog of a 3-part series by Understanding Society, Kelly Reeve looks at what the first UK lockdown meant for grandparents’ relationships with grandchildren and for parents who do not live with their children.

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Overhead view of students studying
PART 2: Understanding the pandemic – looking at early research findings from COVID-19 data

In the second blog post in a 3-part series by Understanding Society, Chris Coates, Research Impact and Project Manager at Understanding Society, takes a look at the implications posed by early research findings from their COVID-19 survey launched last year.

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PART 1: Understanding the pandemic – surveying the population during lockdown

In the first of a 3-part blog series, CLOSER Partner Study, Understanding Society, takes a look at how they rapidly adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Woman wearing a mask sitting on a train
The COVID-19 pandemic: A life course perspective

In our first blog of 2021, Prof Rebecca Hardy, CLOSER Director, reflects on how a life course approach can aid understanding of the likely long-term impacts of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, from mental health and obesity to economic and educational inequalities.

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Assessment of how older adults have been affected by COVID-19: A look at the Hertfordshire Cohort Study

In our final blog this year, Professor Elaine Dennison, Deputy Director of the Hertfordshire Cohort Study, takes a look at the lockdown experiences of the participants of the study during the First Wave of COVID-19.

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