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Diet: what is it and how do we measure it?

Dr Jane Maddock takes a look at diet – what it is, how and why it’s hard to measure and analyse, and why bother studying it at all.

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close up of a man's legs and feet. He's wearing shorts and trainers.
Understanding human behaviour: the case of physical activity

Dr David Bann discusses physical activity and the launch of CLOSER’s comprehensive guide of the measures used to assess physical activity across six British longitudinal studies.

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Woman wearing face shield and medical mask
Adapting to the new normal: innovation and collaboration in longitudinal studies during COVID-19

Andy Wong, Senior Research Study Manager at the MRC Unit for Lifelong Health and Ageing at UCL, talks about innovation and adaptation of data collection methods in the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

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How the UK’s longitudinal studies are helping society navigate the COVID-19 pandemic

Prof Alissa Goodman, Director of CLS, discusses how CLS rapidly responded to the UK’s lockdown by launching a special COVID-19 survey, and looks at the first analyses of data.

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COVID-19 and the inequality in psychological distress in the UK: new evidence from the first three months of the pandemic

Dr Apostolos Davillas and Prof Andrew Jones explore new evidence from the first three months of the UK response to the pandemic, highlighting the inequality in psychological distress in the UK.

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Assessment and harmonisation of cognitive measures in five British birth cohorts

Dr Eoin McElroy and Dr Vanessa Moulton discuss the launch of CLOSER’s new online cognitive measures guide for researchers. The guide provides a comprehensive description of 180 cognitive measures collected across five British birth cohorts.

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A new future for longitudinal research in the wake of COVID-19

Prof David Porteous and Prof Nic Timpson write about the process of data collection during the UK’s lockdown that led them to join forces and adapt the Generation Scotland and ALSPAC COVID-19 questionnaire for wider use in the UK and other cohorts.

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Remote data collection for large-scale longitudinal research: reflections from the pre- and lessons for the post-pandemic era

Dr Bonamy Oliver writes about the challenge of family psychology in 2020, and what pre-pandemic efforts to conduct detailed family assessments suitable for large-scale studies have to offer in our latest COVID:19 Perspectives blog.

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The future of data collection in a rapidly changing world

Prof Rebecca Hardy reflects on the challenges and opportunities of collecting data as a result of COVID-19, and shares her insights on what the future holds for longitudinal research.

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Automating the documentation of data transformation processes

George Alter, Research Professor and former director of ICPSR, writes about the new standard (SDTL) coming out of DDI and its relevance to improving the comprehensibility of harmonisation research.

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