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Adapting data collection methods during COVID-19 at TwinsUK

Paz García, Engagement & Communications Manager at TwinsUK, writes about how methods were rapidly adapted to gather data effectively from participants during the UK’s lockdown as part of our COVID-19: Perspectives blog series.

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Delivering training in a rapidly changing educational landscape: Experiences from a CLOSER/UKDS course on real-world data

CLOSER Research Fellows Neil and Dara look at delivering online training on real-world datasets and discuss lessons learnt in a rapidly changing educational landscape.

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Assessing the impact of COVID-19 on the older population in England

Kate Coughlin, outlines ELSA’s COVID-19 response and how the study is able to provide unique insights on the immediate and longer-term effects of the pandemic on the older population.

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COVID-19: a defining moment for longitudinal research?

Rob Davies argues that harnessing the power of existing longitudinal studies will help us understand the immediate and long-term impacts of the pandemic, and emphasises the urgent need for a new national birth cohort to ensure valuable information from another generation is not lost.

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Metadata management: What are the community’s priorities?

Following CLOSER’s international training and workshop event for managing metadata in longitudinal studies, CLOSER’s Metadata Manager Hayley Mills, looks at the key challenges and priorities ahead.

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Longitudinal studies have a bright future – we must make our voice heard

In this blog, CLOSER Director Prof Rebecca Hardy argues that, longitudinal population studies need to fight for their place an increasingly crowded data landscape, but advances in technology and infrastructure mean the future is bright for these unique resources.

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ONS releases new data standards

Earlier this month, ONS announced new data standards – a step towards more accurate data sharing across government. In this blog, CLOSER’s Technical Lead, Jon Johnson, explores why such standards matter and how they might be enforced.

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5 new things you can now find through CLOSER Discovery

In December 2019, CLOSER added 35,000 new variables to its longitudinal metadata search platform, CLOSER Discovery. In this blog, Metadata Manager Hayley Mills describes the possibilities this opens up for researchers.

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What? Who? And, how?: Discovering the depths of mental health data in UK longitudinal studies

In this blog, Louise Arseneault and Bridget Bryan showcase the benefits of using their newly launched catalogue of mental health measures.

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Accessing transaction records for linkage in longitudinal cohort studies: how can researchers safeguard participants?

In this blog, Kate Shiells from the University of Bristol highlights findings from research investigating Children of the 90s’ participant’s views on sharing their transaction records.

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