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A group of researchers brainstorm ideas to tackle key challenges
Cross-study research: Overcoming obstacles, uncovering opportunity

Last month, CLOSER held a workshop at the University of Manchester that brought together speakers and participants from diverse disciplinary backgrounds to share and discuss their experiences of undertaking cross-study research.

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Importance of early intervention - unhappy girl sits with mother
Lifelong consequences – the importance of early intervention

Following over 100 pieces of written evidence and oral evidence from 26 witnesses, yesterday the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee published their report on ‘Evidence-based early years intervention’, calling on the Government to draw up a new national strategy for early intervention approaches to address childhood adversity and trauma. The Committee’s report identifies […]

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IFS map
CLOSER international: data discoverability across borders

Academic researchers spend a lot of time looking for data. Whether we want to compare two existing explanations for the same phenomenon, or put our own novel theories to the test, finding the appropriate dataset with which to do this is a crucial step in our work. Data are the key ingredient we are all […]

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The wider impacts of attending university

Chris Belfield, Research Economist, looks at the role universities play in determining the future living standards of female graduates.

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Day one of a newborn's first 1000 days of life
Priorities for a national strategy on the first 1000 days of life

Rob Davies highlights the longitudinal evidence in our submission to the Health and Social Care Committee’s inquiry on the first 1000 days of life and our recommendations for the top priorities for a national strategy.

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Early career researchers using a laptop
Legacy metadata to future research – my journey to Discovery

CLOSER intern, Nicole Watson, reflects on how CLOSER Discovery can benefit early career researchers and how her time at CLOSER has shaped her own research.

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GDPR: Historical ledger records from HCS
GDPR: protection or peril for research in the public interest?

GDPR protects the use of data for research. But what if organisations begin destroying precious data resources before their research value is even known?

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Metadata code
Discover the future

The discoverability of data collected by the UK’s longitudinal studies has come a long way since 2015, argues CLOSER’s Senior Metadata Officer Hayley Mills, who charts the past, present and future of finding study data.

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Drinking pints of beer in a pub garden
On alcohol consumption across the life-course and risk of cardiovascular disease: Lessons learned

Dara O’Neill, Steven Bell & Annie Britton discuss their new research looking at alcohol consumption over the lifecourse and the risk of CVD.

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Nurse takes blood sample
We all see the value in combining social and biomedical data collection, so let’s ensure we can do it effectively.

We need to share expertise and learning across the social and biomedical sciences – on both scientific opportunities and operational challenges – to unlock the huge potential of combining social and biomedical data, argues Matt Brown.

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