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CLOSER Policy alert: Royal College of Psychiatrists call for more sophisticated longitudinal research studies into technology use

The Royal College of Psychiatrists have called for more sophisticated longitudinal research studies examining technology use and the mental health of children and young people.

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Houses of Parliament
CLOSER Policy alert: Queen’s Speech 2019

In the Queen’s Speech 2019, the UK Government announced its plan to prioritise investment in world-leading science research.

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CLOSER adds 35,000 new variables to its longitudinal data search platform

CLOSER Discovery – the UK’s most detailed search engine for longitudinal data – has added more than 35,000 variables, 6,000 questions, and 75 questionnaires.

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The CLOSER consortium of UK longitudinal studies: Facilitating new avenues of research across studies and over time

CLOSER’s longitudinal data harmonisation work features in the latest Cross-National Studies: Interdisciplinary Research and Training Programme’s newsletter.

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CLOSER releases new harmonised data on childhood circumstances

Harmonised data from the 1946, 1958 and 1970 British birth cohorts on childhood environment and experiences are now available to the global research community via the UK Data Service.

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CLOSER Policy alert: Report calls for new nationwide longitudinal study

A new UCL and Resolution Foundation report emphasises the need to understand the nature of inequality over the life-course and across generations.

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CLOSER Policy alert: New POSTnote research topics

POST has announced new topics for future POSTnotes, covering topical issues in areas such as health, energy and environment, and the social sciences.

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Latest videos – CLOSER Seminars: Exploring mental health data from British longitudinal studies

This CLOSER Seminar explored research projects on the mental health data available from British longitudinal studies.

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Longitudinal studies
CLOSER Policy alert: Preparing for a changing world

The Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST) has published a horizon scanning report outlining topics of interest to Parliament.

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CLOSER Policy alert: NHS Digital consultation – Health Survey for England

Find out how you can contribute to NHS Digital’s Health Survey for England consultation.

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