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Woman wearing a face mask sits on a bus looking out the window
CLOSER Policy alert – New POSTnote: Mental health impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on adults

CLOSER’s COVID-19 Longitudinal Research Hub has been cited in a new research briefing published by the Parliamentary Office for Science and Technology (POST).

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CLOSER report sheds new light on harmonising longitudinal measures of mental health

CLOSER has published a new report documenting the reliability and measurement equivalence of mental health questionnaires within and across six British cohort studies.

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Young boy learning how to write
New cognitive content added to CLOSER’s cross-study data guide

A new interactive overview of the within- and between-study coverage of cognitive constructs across five British birth cohorts has been added to CLOSER’s cognitive measures cross-study data guide.

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Preparing for the future 2022 conference – we want to hear from you

CLOSER is looking for input from the longitudinal population study community on the discussion topics for our online 2022 collaborative conference.

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New research shows link between childhood socioeconomic position and mid-life cognition partially explained by education and occupation

New research based on three British birth cohorts shows link between childhood socioeconomic position and mid-life cognition is partially explained by education and occupation.

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New waves of COVID-19 variables added to CLOSER Discovery

15,000 more variables including 5,000 COVID-19 related have been added to CLOSER Discovery in its latest update.

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Four new animations launched on the CLOSER Learning Hub

Four new animations on longitudinal data analysis have been added to the CLOSER Learning Hub to help students and newcomers to longitudinal research understand when and how to use different statistical techniques.

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UK Houses of Parliament
CLOSER Policy alert: Areas of Research Interest and the Rebuilding a Resilient Britain project

Read our latest Policy alert for information on new Areas of Research Interests and the Rebuilding a Resilient Britain project.

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Two middle age men go for a jog
CLOSER Policy alert: House of Lords Science and Technology Committee – Ageing: Science, Technology and Healthy Living

Our latest Policy Alert focuses on the Lords Science and Technology Committee’s Ageing inquiry report which highlights the importance of long-term funding for longitudinal population studies and their role in helping to understand health inequalities in older adults.

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ESRC Strategic Advisory Network – call for new members now open

The ESRC is seeking to recruit up to 19 new members for the Strategic Advisory Network (SAN), to provide credible advice and strategic insight into ESRC policy and programme development.

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