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Research Trainee in Data Harmonisation

Ref: 1014918
Location of position: University College London
Closing Date: 22 March 2020
Interview date: 3 April 2020
Hours: Flexible, 17-20 hours per week
Rate of pay: £10.90 per hour (Holiday rate: £2.04)

More information and instructions for applying for this role are available on the UniTemps website.


CLOSER, the home of longitudinal research, brings together eight world-leading longitudinal studies with participants born throughout the 20th and 21st centuries. We work to maximise the use, value and impact of longitudinal study data, and one of the key ways we achieve this is through harmonisation of data across studies and time periods. We are looking for candidates with a strong interest in cross-study research and quantitative data management, and we will offer the successful applicant an opportunity to develop their skills and learn more about data harmonisation techniques, metadata concepts and data reusability.

The candidate will work with CLOSER, which is a consortium of leading UK longitudinal studies and related organisations, based within the Department of Social Science (DSS) in the UCL Institute of Education. The DSS is one of the largest centres of multi-disciplinary, social science research and teaching in London. It is home to over 80 academics based in five renowned research centres:

This role is exclusively open to current UCL students and UCL graduates, who have graduated within the last 2 years. The hours are flexible for this role, but working between 17 and 20 hours per week would be preferred, and the role will last 6 – 12 weeks.

Duties and responsibilities

The placement will involve two key tasks:

  1. Assisting in the evaluation and preparation of harmonised longitudinal datasets (including the validation of user guide documentation and harmonisation code)
  2. Reviewing existing research literature involving data harmonisation and helping with the preparation of educational materials on harmonisation for dissemination through the CLOSER Learning Hub. Applied research areas covered by this work will include both social and biomedical topics, specifically educational achievement, visual functioning and household overcrowding.

Skills and experiences


  • Knowledge of basic descriptive statistics (frequencies, histograms, means, etc.)
  • Existing awareness of basic data management (variable naming, value coding, etc.)
  • Experience with either SPSS or Stata statistical software packages
  • Understanding of the basics of longitudinal data


  • Prior experience in one of the three applied topics of key relevance to this role: educational achievement, visual functioning and/or household overcrowding
  • Prior experience of preparing data and/or code files for sharing
  • Prior experience of dataset integration/merging
  • Familiarity with academic literature search tools, such as PubMed, Web of Science or Google Scholar
  • Prior experience with creating user guides or metadata documentation

Further information

This role is available exclusively to current UCL Students and UCL Graduates, who have graduated within the last 2 years.


Current vacancies within the CLOSER consortium


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