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CLOSER produces four main newsletters designed to keep you up to date with all the latest news and blogs, research, events, and policy developments from the longitudinal population study community.

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Below you’ll find previous issues of Longitudinal News and our COVID-19 Update Bulletin which ran from June to November 2020.

Longitudinal News
Longitudinal News - May 2022Latest issue: May 2022

This month’s issue of Longitudinal News features the new CLOSER Director job opportunity, our forthcoming webinar introducing ELSA & NICOLA, and the latest updates to the Catalogue of Mental Health Measures. Plus, catch up on all the latest news, events and research from the longitudinal research community.

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COVID-19 Update Bulletin

CLOSER launched the COVID-19 Update Bulletin in June 2020 to provide timely updates on the rapid response of the longitudinal population studies in the wake of COVID-19 and the first UK lockdown. As the initial response to the pandemic has moved into a new phase, the COVID-19 Update Bulletin has been integrated into our primary e-newsletter: Longitudinal News.

Past issues of the our COVID-19 Update Bulletin can be found below.