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Join us for the first webinar in our new series, Metadata management in the real world focusing on questionnaire development and data collection.

This webinar has been organised as part of the CLOSER Data Management Network, with the support of the DDI Alliance.

About the webinar

The first webinar in this series will showcase two organisations – Central Statistical Office-Ireland (CSO) and the Norwegian Centre for Research Data (NSD). Both organisations are tackling some of the practical problems that face every survey; how to co-ordinate and track the development of questions; and assembling that information into a questionnaire where there are multiple actors both within a single institution and across multiple ones.

The approach taken is to capture the metadata in DDI-Lifecycle as the survey instruments are developed, (ideally, without using tracked changes in Word!) while allowing collaboration between the survey design and survey implementation teams. These outputs can be used later in the survey data management processes


The Questionnaire Design and Documentation Tool (QDDT): a tool for developing questions and documenting the design process 
Hilde Orten, Special Adviser at NSD

The presentation from NSD will focus how the QDDT can be used, to develop questions that are aimed to be fielded across the different countries, using examples from the ESS. Focus will be put on how QDDT can be used to create questions based on research concepts, and how the development of questions can be managed and documented. Ideas for how content from the QDDT in future may be used in a translation tool, and for documenting variables of the ESS international data set will also be shared.

An overview of the development and fielding of questionnaires using Colectica and DDI at CSO Ireland
Ciara Cummins, Manager of Colectica and Classifications – CSO

The presentation from CSO-Ireland will focus on how they have centralised the development of questions and the production of questionnaires using Colectica software to enable reusability, standardisation and to help improve the quality and processes across statistical outputs.

Accessing the webinar

Instructions for how to access the online workshop will be sent to all registered guests prior to the session. Please book your place via the Eventbrite page ensure you the meeting details.

Further information

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